Unofficial Novation MiniNova Synth Editor For iPad

Jakob Haq let us know that he has released a new MIDI controller template for the Novation MiniNova, built with MIDI Designer Pro.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

“It’s a fully decked out Synth editor for the Novation MiniNova synthesizer that includes 448 controls.

So far there haven’t been any other options available, other than the official editor plugin for desktop/laptop DAWs, so iOS users are left out. I thought it was time to change that and so I made this one.”

Video Demo:

The MiniNova iPad MIDI Patch Editor is available via the MIDI Designer site.

5 thoughts on “Unofficial Novation MiniNova Synth Editor For iPad

  1. HUGE thumbs-up for this! Great GUI design, too. 448 parameters, phew. With few hardware knobs/sliders on smaller synths, a good editor allows you to really take off. Its helped me to get a lot more out of my instruments. The MiniNova is basically a powerful module with a courtesy keyboard. I suggest designing at least two added sound sets that seriously personalize the presets according to YOU. I’ve really been rewarded by putting in the work to get there.

    1. “The MiniNova is basically a powerful module with a courtesy keyboard”
      Exactly. This synth sounds great but the on-board UI is cumbersome to say the least. The official editor is not a stand alone application but a plugin so if you don’t know how to use plugins or don’t want to (like me. I never record anything aside from the mic on my cell phone) the editor becomes an impediment for using the synth.
      Mine is in a box waiting to be selled (or to be used again, if this editor is half of what it promises).

  2. I’ve been hoping that Novation would update their editor for Mininova for a long time. Can’t understand what keeps them from doing this. They would instantaneously boost sales for an older product, and since they’ve been on the ball with updating Circuit, and Peak, they clearly have a capable team.

    I’ll wait for reviews on the new MIDIDesigner Pro editor.

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