Serum Toolkit 3 Offers New Sounds, 100 Custom Wavetables & More

Producer and sound designer Francis Preve let us know about his latest release for Xfer Records’ Serum.

Serum Toolkit Vol. 3 features new presets, like you would expect – but they’re based on new custom wavetables and transient and decay samples, so they expand Serum into completely dnew territory.

Here’s what Xfer has to say about the new Preve’s latest Serum Toolkit:

With Serum Toolkit Vol. 3, iconic sound designer Francis Preve takes his Toolkit series to the next level. Featuring 100 custom wavetables based on physically modeled instruments and 70 sampled transients and decays – including recorded guitars and percussion – every core element in Toolkit Vol. 3 is original.

Advanced features include a selection of sidechain presets and a new XFORM knob that smoothly morphs the tone of each preset from one color to another, doubling the number of textures and allowing precise user control over timbre.

As with previous Toolkit packs, these presets are designed for maximum compatibility with a broad range of electronic music genres. From current Trap and Future to vintage digital styles to ethereal soundscapes for TV and Film, Toolkit 3 delivers a truly versatile set of sounds that can stand the test of time. It’s like getting a whole new synth.

Pricing and Availability

Serum Toolkit Vol. 3 is available now for US $29.

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