Ocean Swift Synthesis Polyphenom Advanced Hybrid Synth Now Available

Ocean Swift Synthesis has introduced Polyphenom, described as an ‘immersive polyphonic additive-subtractive hybrid’, for Windows 64/32 VSTi and Standalone.


  • 3 OSCILLATORS – Core synthesis chain of a harmonic oscillator with 16 clean additive partials with control over frequency, panning and modulated volume Plus 2 fully featured raw analog style subtractive oscillators with ring modulation.
  • UNISON – Unison and dedicated pitch modulators are there for the entire oscillator section.
  • FM – Advanced clean FM on the additive harmonics with dynamic modulation on the FM signal itself.
  • FILTER – Low pass filter with dedicated envelope and LFO modulators. The filter LFO features inverse modulation for a neat stereo filtering effect.
  • MODULATIONS EVERYWHERE – Dedicated LFO modulators for everything, with analog style waveforms in free rate or tempo sync mode – intuitive and versatile.
  • EFFECTS SECTION – Extensive set of built in effect that include: Panner, Crusher, Phaser, Delay, Chorus and Reverb. Sculpt a deep and polished sound.
  • HUNDREDS OF PRESETS – Hundreds of factory presets – mystical sounds at your fingertips.

Video Demos:

Pricing and Availability

Polyphenom is available with an intro price of 40€ (normally 60€).

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