New Pittsburgh Modular Synth An ‘Angry Monster’

Pittsburgh Modular shared this brief sneak preview of something new for 2019, noting “Richard and Michael are working on a very angry monster for 2019.”

Details are still to be announced, but we expect to find out more at the 2019 NAMM Show in January.

10 thoughts on “New Pittsburgh Modular Synth An ‘Angry Monster’

    1. Sure. At 0:46-1:09 it does sound a bit like a cat. I like the sequence right after that at 1:10-1:50. Nice one.

      Angry monster? Ok. Maybe the smoke monster from Lost.
      Sounds more like a sci-fi/space movie intro to me. No additional details from Pittsburgh?

  1. This demo reminds me of the Forbidden Planet sounds created by Bebe and Louis Barron. “Monsters, Monsters from the Id!”

  2. I’m late to reply, But I’ll say I am much more interested in their sequencer. That thing looked impressive… I hope they dump their attention into it and this second. Just my $2 (I’m a consultant, 2 cents is way too low…)

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