Audiobus Gets MIDI Learn

Audiobus has been updated with MIDI Learn, available as an In-App purchase in version 3.3.

With MIDI Learn, you can now control every aspect of your Audiobus session from a hardware MIDI controller . This means you can load presets, adjust levels, start and stop or adjust the tempo, switch apps, interact with Connection Panel buttons, adjust Audio Unit parameters and switch Audio Unit Presets and more.

Pricing and Availability

Audiobus is available for US $9.99. MIDI Learn is a $2.99 In-App purchase.

3 thoughts on “Audiobus Gets MIDI Learn

  1. Will this, for instance, allow an app like troublemaker to send/receive both audio and midi to whatever destination, including a DAW running on a mac or PC?

  2. works like a charm, as usual. audiobus made music making possible on ios. please support their good work! we need them driving forward!

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