9 thoughts on “Free Modules For VCV Rack

  1. I was looking to buy the VCO for $30 lol. I wonder how many have buyer’s remorse after this… The modules are fantastic. I’m sure Blamsoft could have sold these at a package deal of $30.

    1. sales basically stopped which is why they made them free. VCV Rack users have short attention span regarding modules. for my own pack i have only received donations in the first week after release. i’m guessing it’s not much different for the paid packages.

      1. Prety much same here, not that there is anything wrong, because we are all here for the fun, but if vcv is not a way to make a living for a third party dev, we might witness a drop of quality on the long term…

        1. I’m not too sure… There is millions (no I don’t have the exact stats) of amazing quality free and amazingly shitty free VSTs, but companies still develop very expensive long term developed VSTs. I think VCV rack is too new to capture that type of development. The more people that start working with VCV rack, the demand for more powerful and unique modules will increase and so will the companies making them. I wasn’t making music via computer when Steinberg came up with VSTs but I doubt very much that there was a huge market of free/commercial VSTs within the first few years. Similar to Reason developing Extensions. The amount of plugins there continue to grow in both amount and quality

          I could be flat wrong, but I think, if VCV rack continues on attraction more users it will then also attract higher demand for quality modules.

          One other aspect to consider is that VCV rack is open source thus the company/people behind it are not large scale companies with the clout to easily manipulate (in a good way) other professional audio developers to come to their world…That again will change with the increase of people using the platform.

  2. Hot Damn! I’d been interested in em but had not bought yet. I have a large eurorack system and a DC coupled interface so every time a great new free module or greatly priced module appears its literally like getting a hardware module. If you’re able to send CV from an interface, VCV rack becomes one of the most flexible no brainer creative tool. Not too mention the what you can do with MIDI and now the VST Host module which if you couple it with any of the hardware VSTs editors out there, you get ultimate control over your hardware synth etc.. Been modulating my Peak’s parameters with audio rate modulation and getting sounds/sequences and textures otherwise impossible or extremely difficult if not expensive to do otherwise.

    1. Out of interest is the latency tolerable with the DC coupled interface? I guess there’s little/no latency within VCV or within eurorack, but is it OK at the interface?

        1. I tried to reply to this several times, my original has never shown up and when I attempted to reply again I got an error saying I’ve already replied using the same message.. Maybe because I added my Instagram account info in case you had more questions.. dunno… But here’s a more condensed version:

          Anyway, No latency I’ve found, but I might have a unique setup that either masks latency or has very little.

          -2 Daisy Chained MOTU Audio Interfaces used tandem or separately as needed via Mac OS.
          -Run VCV Rack & Ableton not “bridged” only linked via CV.
          -Use MOTU’s to send CV & Audio in/out of VCV rack
          -All audio ends in Ableton on separated channels

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