Prologue – A Vintage Synth Anthology For Ableton Live

Cluster Sound has released Prologue, a multi-sample Live Pack, collecting 22 vintage synths released from 70s to 90s.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The Pack includes genuine analog monsters (Minimoog / Pro One), sample+synthesis pioneers (Super JV / JD 800), ultra rare gems (Oscar / Project 100), thundering digital heroes (CZ 3000 / TX81Z) and a touch of millennial sound (OB-12). The selected sounds range from super fat basses to aliased metal keys, complex pads, polyrhythmic effects, warm synths and ring modulated lead sounds.


  • Size : 1,3 Gigabytes
  • 3100+ Samples (24 Bits / 44.1 Khz)
  • 60 Synth Devices
  • 60 Multi-Sample Recordings
  • One sample per note
  • Zero-clipping loop points
  • Direct install into “Packs” section
  • Preset preview playback
  • Host : Ableton Live 9.5 or higher

Pricing and Availability

Prologue is available now for 2.9 Euro.

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