FamilyTool Offers New Options For Moog Mother-32 & DFAM Owners

UNCPROP Modular has announced new ‘FamilyTool’ options for Moog Mother-32 and DFAM owners.

The developers recently launched a Kickstarter project to fund production of the FamilyTool – a 20 hp companion module for the Moog Mother-32 and Moog DFAM Eurorack modules.

It’s designed to match the look of the two Moog all-in-one synths, and to add new patching and performance options. It can even be mounted directly to a Mother-32 or DFAM.

Now they’ve updated their campaign with two options – allowing you to get the module or the case separately:

This will allow the FamilyTool to work for more users:

  • If you’re using Moog’s cases and 2- or 3-tier racks, you can now get a FamilyTool for one tier of your system, plus empty FamilyTool cases for expanding additional tiers.
  • If you’re racking your Moog synths in alternative cases, you can now get the FamilyTool Euro module by itself, and incorporate it into your existing system.

Here are the details on the module & case:

    • 6 A/B switches for up to six switchable routings
    • 2 of which are OR-logic mixers
    • No external power source needed
    • Passive MULT (1:4 or 2×1:2)
    • 24 I/Os options
  • Powered UNCPROP Case
    • Fits Eurorack modules up to 20hp and 35mm depth (e.g. Clouds and MATHS)
    • Perfectly fits DFAM/Mother-32 and
    • Internal PSU
    • Works as a 20hp standalone Eurorack case/effects unit
    • Handcrafted wooden panels (walnut)

See the project site for details.

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