Ruby Grand VST Features Four Yamaha Grand Pianos

Audio technologies developer The Best Computer Music And Acoustic Technology has introduced Ruby Grand, its latest hybrid virtual instrument for Mac (AU 32-/64-bit, VST 32-/64-bit) and Windows (VST 32-/64-bit).

Ruby grand offers virtual emulations of four Yamaha pianos:

  • Magnificent CFX: Handcrafted by Yamaha, the new CFX concert grand has the power to sing over a full symphony orchestra while maintaining relaxed ease when playing solo passages. It also boosts dynamic performance for better tonal balance.
  • Ruby Grand: Boasting the famous Yamaha C7 sound, Ruby Grand has graced some of the most famous concert stages, international competitions and prestigious music events throughout the world. Its mellow sustains, beautiful tones, and unique timbre are perfect for pop, jazz or rock.
  • Ivory C: A Yamaha C7 recording in concert hall, it offers a rich, life performance sound that can be enjoyed alone or paired well with larger instrumentals or layered melodies.
  • Mini Ruby: Smaller than a traditional C7, the Yamaha C3 features the same rich sound, but gives you a unique and inspiring feeling than a concert grand to help set it apart from its line.

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

Ruby Grand is available now for for €129.00 EUR/$149.00 USD/£119.00 GBP.

2 thoughts on “Ruby Grand VST Features Four Yamaha Grand Pianos

  1. Not half bad. A couple of the CFX demos show off its brighter side, which deserves a thumbs-up. Its not going to unseat Ivory, but for the price, it seems quite playable. It also depends on your actual controller and how much of a serious pianist you are, as opposed to a mere dabbler for the flavor here and there. If you’re going to do a lot of classical soloing, you probably won’t let Soundcloud demos decide things, but there’s an interesting world of NOT-$500+ programs to be had. I’m sniffing around Pianoteq, but I’m going to weigh this one, too. Some people only need General MIDI, some only need a few VAs and some need Vienna Symphony Orchestra. Full disclosure: I am not yet a VSO candidate.

  2. XLN audio’s addictive keys is probably as good as most of the other hyped piano V S T’S. This package went on sale for 50? off about 4 times last year. The drawback for me with XLN audio products is you have to have an internet connected computer to authorize the software. The same with Air Music Tech products. You can buy one of their products and upgrade to their entire product line for about $150. For those who don’t know. You get pianos, strings, synthesizers and a music sampler that plays rex, waves, kontact , exs (I think that’s the name). Lot of bang for your buck here. I won’t know how these programs sound till I get computer internet. A $250 package deal sounds good to me. $99 for one plugin and $150 upgrade for the entire package. Go have a look if you’re in the vst market.

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