Getting Started With Overbridge 2.0

Synthesist Dave Mech shared this unofficial look at getting started with Overbridge 2.0.

Elektron Overbridge 2.0 was released last week as a public beta.

Note: The purposes of public beta testing is to determine if software is ready for broad release, so users should expect the possibility of encountering problems.


0:57: control panel

2:42: Setting up the plugin(s)

6:22: Total Recal

8:23: Instrument settings

2 thoughts on “Getting Started With Overbridge 2.0

  1. Sorry, but hell has already frozen over! Seriously though, I’m thinking about selling my Digitone as I’ve been waiting for OB since I’ve bought it and cannot see it happening for the Digitone for years to come. Am I being too pessimistic?

    1. OB for Digitone is on its way from what I’ve heard. I have no ETA, but it will take months rather than years. Seen a GUI screenshot already. So I’d be a little more patient if I were you :). If you enjoy the instrument that is.

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