Nord Piano Monitor System

Nord has introduced the Nord Piano Monitor – a new monitoring system designed for optimal dynamic reproduction of the electric and acoustic pianos in the Nord Piano Library.

Here’s what they have to say about them:

Developed to give you the optimal nearfield listening the compact Nord Piano Monitor system lets you experience the true character of our renowned piano sounds with impressive depth and dynamics – a natural extension of our instruments.

The Nord Piano Monitor speakers can be mounted to the Nord Piano 4 using the optional Monitor Brackets. The Monitor Brackets can also be attached to standard microphone stands.

The Nord Piano Monitors feature an additional auxiliary audio input for connecting a laptop or smartphone – perfect for playing along, rehearsing or just listening to music.

The Nord Piano Monitor system is compatible with all Nord products and can be mounted on the Nord Piano 4 using optional monitor brackets.

See the N0rd site for more information.

12 thoughts on “Nord Piano Monitor System

  1. Absolutely. There are NOT ENOUGH monitor speakers on the market (if you need red ones)… Otherwise, where’s the nord lead 5 with OLED???

    1. They will cost less than 400 Euros. The same speakers from Audio Pro (the manufacturer of the nord speaker) WITH Bluetooth cost 350 Euros street price a pair.

  2. somewhat lazy company imo. still waiting for their 1st workstation. the pattern function of the lead applies rhythmical figures to the arpeggiator or the lfo’s, yes, but still no onboard sequencer after all those years. why? my guess is their engineers have zero clue how to code a one. imagine morphing an electribe with an (at least) 8 part multi-timbral lead. would sell like hot cakes.

    1. They’re not lazy; they’re focused. Hardware workstations are fading due to computers/iPads. We’re seeing more power-synths like the Montage and Prophet X that purposely include everything *but* a full-style sequencer. Nord can clearly code their @$$es off. Just look at their Leads and the revered Nord Modular. The deal is simply that they have focused on their multi-use pianos and the library thereof. That’s why you see red in a lot of stage rigs. They are very performance-oriented, not studio-in-a-box-minded. You want a “Nord sequencer?” Hook it up to a Korg SQ-1 or Reaper. It’ll step up to the plate.

      1. I agree. Although if I’m really honest I think another reason why you see them in stage rigs is because they look really nice. No disrespect, it’s a good thing.

    2. Ok, the speakers are a dumb idea, but on the workstation thing I think you’re wrong. Nord was one of the first companies to understand that the market is basically saturated. We have many top-notch and loved workstations by Korg, Roland, Yamaha, Kurzweil etc. Nord just thought it’d be better to cut out a nice niche for itself and keep developing from that. Engineers do what they’re told to do, there’s no way they’re gonna be a bunch of clueless programmers: and even if they can’t something specific, you can always hire a couple new people. Nord is simplicity: aside from the Lead (which is EOL, imho, and won’t see a successor), the Big Red means excellent pianos and great organs, along with some vintage banks, the rest is just a plus.

    3. Wait for tomorrow (start of the NAMM 19). They will present the nord lead 5 with the synth engine of the nord Stage 3 including 2 OLED displays, sample memory and more wavetables and sequencer! They also bring back the high-quality keybed of the nord lead 3. This will be the dream machine!

  3. if there is no new Lead or Drum then you know those product lines are dead. Gone are modular and rack based Electro’s and Leads and even module based drums like the Drum 2. Electro/Stage/Piano seem to be the focus for income/revenue while pressure is mounting now from other brands like Yamaha. It likely having to at Nord with economies of scale than of scope.

  4. What makes the Nord piano speaker worth $600? It must be good to command that price. Surely no one plunk down that sum for the color red? I would love to see some critical reviews. I havent found any yet.

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