Elektron Model: Samples Groovebox At NAMM 2019

At the 2019 NAMM Show, Elektron gave us a quick demo of their new Model:Samples groove box.

The Model Samples is a 6-track, one-function-per-knob, sample-based groovebox. Each channel can be used to sequence internal samples or external hardware.

We talked with Elektron’s Mario Hernandez, who gave us an overview of what the Model:Samples can do and how it works.

3 thoughts on “Elektron Model: Samples Groovebox At NAMM 2019

  1. This looks really interesting on the UI alone.

    Clearly it’s a entry level box for Elektron, but it’s also one of the first things they made that looks fun/easy to use. That’s a huge step forward for Elektron, because the complexity of their gear is its biggest fault – people just can’t get into it.

    Let’s hope that they take this new focus on simplicity and apply it to something like an ultra knobby Analog Keys 8-voice!

  2. IMHO the concept is spot on and it looks like a lot of fun, though it seems a little expensive compared to the other units at that price range.

    Can the beats be chained or changed on-the-fly without having to hit stop/play?
    From all of the videos I’ve seen so far it looks like they’re stopping/starting when changing beats. Which would be a hassle when playing live.

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