Elektron Overbridge 2.0 At NAMM 2019

At the 2019 NAMM Show, Elektron debuted the long-awaited Overbridge 2.0.

Elektron’s Cenk Sayinli (Dataline) gave us a quick overview and demo of how Overbridge 2.0 works, and how you can use it with your DAW or standalone.

Overbridge 2.0 is a set of apps that let you integrate your Elektron hardware tightly with your computer. It makes it possible to send/receive both MIDI and audio, use your DAW to process hardware audio, use your hardware to process your DAW audio and more. Overbridge 2.0 is available now as a public beta.

4 thoughts on “Elektron Overbridge 2.0 At NAMM 2019

  1. Did I hear the classic static glitch from the Overbridge app due to it not having a stable connection or problematic sample rate settings? Or was that something else like his lapel mic?

    1. FYI – the static was on the voice channel. The Rode Wireless we were using may have seen one too many NAMM Shows.

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