Psylotron Mellotron M400 Hybrid Replica

French musician Soul Machine shared this video demo of his Psylotyron – a custom hybrid replica of the classic Mellotron M400 sample playback keyboard.

More than a demo, the video is a psychedelic celebration of the Mellotron, featuring a medley of six songs that feature the strange instrument’s iconic sound.


  • MIDI connection
  • Up to 20 sound banks
  • Half Speed Mode (Feature used on the Streetly Electronics M4000)
  • Split Mode to play with 2 separate banks (like the Mellotron MkII)
  • A LCD screen

3 thoughts on “Psylotron Mellotron M400 Hybrid Replica

  1. I so wish the manufactures and NAMM reps would do stuff like this. With that many musical instruments in one place, where’s the music? Shouldn’t there be a continuous groove going on?

    1. Eh, on a different note (not that different actually), if you search for new synths demos, today, half of them consist of a bloody arpeggiator going up and about for 5-10 minutes, and that’s it, without even testing out how the keybed feels, if the live controls are handy etc. Basically, too many “keyboardist” cannot play at all. We’re lucky we still have Kraft Music and Sweetwater reviews.

      1. But … but …. but the music schools are churning out thousands upon thousands of pianists per year, right? Are they all becoming plumbers and grocery store baggers? Surely the manufactures can pay more than that to have them demo the instruments! (Of course, plumbing can turn a good penny…)

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