Vaporizer2 Hybrid Wavetable Additive/Subtractive Synth Workstation

Vast Dynamics has introduced Vaporizer2, a hybrid wavetable additive / subtractive VST/AU synthesizer / sampler workstation.

According to the company, Vaporizer2 features a versatile alias-free wavetable sound engine, with low system CPU resource usage.


  • Wavetable engine with four independent alias-free wavetable oscillator banks with up to 24 oscillator unison
  • Low system CPU resource usage – even with more than 1.000 oscillators playing
  • Wavetable editor with a vast number of editing possibilities including frequency shift, smooth, clean, bend and bloat for single-cycles, parts of single-cycles or even whole wavetables
  • Wavetable draw mode with smooth Bezier curves and snap to grid function
  • Mix-in, amplitude modulate, interpolate or normalize wavetable cycles
  • Generate FM, PWM, harmonic morphed / reduced, low pass / high pass / band pass / comb / formant filtering and even hard sync wavetables out of an arbitrary single cycle waveform
  • Morphing and phase shifting of wavetable cycles
  • Import and change standard (Serum, Icarus) format wavetables – also simply via drag and drop
  • Additive synthesis section that allows to freely edit all harmonics and phases in real-time
  • Sampler section (wav / aiff / ogg / mp3) with loop points, loop start modulation and key tracking
  • Resample samples to wavetables with pitch detection
  • ‘Intelligent polyphonic portamento’ / glissando
  • Mono legato mode or polyphonic 4 / 16 voice modes
  • Three effects busses, including 4 x oversampling and mono cutoff to preserve a clean low end
  • 10+ highly parameterizable effects including reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, bitcrush, eq, compressor, limiter, flanger, phaser, comb filter and more
  • All effect times and durations can be synced to DAW
  • Filter section (30+ different types) with 4 x oversampled LPF (biquad, state variable and diode ladder implementations) plus high pass, all pass, band pass, notch, shelf, comb and scream filters – all with resonance
  • Very steep filter curves for punchy basses
  • Real-time filter response display
  • Audio routing system for all sound generators, filters and effect busses
  • Five freely editable MSEG envelopes with loop function
  • Five LFOs (per voice – means up to 80 LFOs in total) with smooth generation optimized for lowest frequencies with ramp and phase that can be set per voice or global – can be synced to the DAW
  • Built-in arpeggiator that is freely editable and supports polyphonic modes and hold
  • Three step sequencers that can be synced to the DAW
  • All parameter knobs / sliders automatable
  • Comes with a daily growing number of presets – free regular updates on the website
  • Easy to use and intuitive user interface that is freely scalable and resizable even up to 4k and more with many drag and drop features
  • Free update policy

Audio Demo:

Pricing and Availability

Vaporizer2 is available now for Mac & Windows for US $39.90. A demo version is also available.

13 thoughts on “Vaporizer2 Hybrid Wavetable Additive/Subtractive Synth Workstation

    1. does you CPU support AVX vector extensions?
      This is listed as requirement in the specification on the website.
      The Vaporizer2 is doing a lot of parallel processing and needs CPU support for that.

  1. Looking at that $40 price tag, and that $300 (?) feature-set, they got my attention!

    Their pricing and life-time update policy are also nice.

    I’m wondering about MIDI implementation and modulation scan rates. I can either try the demo to find out, or just kick down $40. Will definitely be giving this a deeper look.

  2. I downloaded the Mac version. It didn’t include an installer, just all the plugins (component-64 (64-bit AU), VST, VST3, etc.). I dragged them to their appropriate locations, but the AU failed validation in DP 9.52, and it also failed Mainstage 3’s validation process.

    There was a warning on the website about issues and an encouragement to test with the demo before purchasing. I’m glad I did. Hopefully they’ll work out these issues. Seems like a very promising powerhouse synth for not much money. But they’ll have to get this fixed soon!

    1. Hi there, I have actually received a couple of issues related to AU on Mac. Up to now all of them were related to a Mac CPU that is too old to support AVX vector extensions. This is listed as requirement in the specification on the website. Vaporizer2 is doing a lot of parallel processing and needs CPU support for that.
      Can you please check?

      The first Intel processors with AVX support have been Sandy Bridge processors, from Q1 2011.

      Best regards,

      1. Yes. That’s the issue. My Retina MBP is too old, and doesn’t have the right kind of CPU to run your synth. Alas. (Thanks for the tip to run the demo first before purchase.)

        Good luck with the synth. It’s very impressive.

        Does it allow MIDI control from 14-bit RPN or NRPN?

    1. It’s a fair point. There are quite a few soft synths (especially subtractives) where I think, “what does this one do that the last 487 didn’t do?”

      This one has a pretty comprehensive list of synthesis techniques, including sample playback and is $40.

      I’d like an additive synth that has pretty easy editing of partials. I have Morphine, but it’s not easy to edit.

    2. i propose you take a closer look to the features
      the wavetable editor is unbelievable
      too many functions there is nowhere else

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