Effigy Labs Control Pedal Puts Expressive MIDI At Your Feet

At the 2019 NAMM Show, Effigy Labs introduced the Control pedal, described as ‘the most playable, responsive MIDI controller you’ve ever felt’.

The Effigy Labs Control pedal was designed to give added dimension and control to the musician. The pedal allows for ‘specifically balanced T-shape compression zones’ for left, right, and forward sensor control, over almost any MIDI parameter.

This is all balanced with a compression top plate (the upside down heart with the green E logo in the center).

The Effigy Control Pedal is equipped with a MIDI jack and USB port to allow direct control of your MIDI keyboards and processors or your favorite music applications.

Re-mapping controllers at the computer or keyboard makes the three quick access modes a versatile way to use its MIDI functions.

Of the three sensor regions, the forward position allows for the movement between the left and center or right and center positions. This is very musical for smooth morphing between sounds.

Up to three MIDI commands can be expressed from a single position. This opens up many possibilities to morph from one effect to another, or to control multiple devices on different channels at the same time.

The Effigy “Extreme Control” Knob gives the user a switchable sensitivity control or a fourth MIDI controller you can program to your liking. The sensitivity mode allows for contouring of the overall performance of the three pressure zones.

The select switch allows you to make a selection or tap into a few more hidden features like choosing a preset or changing the global MIDI channel.

All settings are remembered and stored into one of five internally stored presets.

Pricing and Availability

The Effigy Labs Control is available now for US $299.

6 thoughts on “Effigy Labs Control Pedal Puts Expressive MIDI At Your Feet

  1. The 3 way control idea is OK and I like more physical MIDI controllers that you can lean into a bit but thi si ugly and poorly thought out.

    1. Hello Synthopia fans! JR with Effigy Labs here. Thank you all for the feedback. Thank you Han for posting here. We are listening to your input. The top plate is cast from molds that were directly or indirectly 3D printed, yes – it turns out to give the surface a really good grip. We are also re-evaluating our color scheme. But we made it mainly to be beautiful when it is played. Beautiful to the foot. Beautiful to the human with responsive and expressive pressure feedback. More throw than a pad, but much less than those big rocker pedals like floor units and wah pedals. We hope you will try one – put one of these under your foot and tell us if it’s not the most playable MIDI controller you’ve played. We will even let you try one at no obligation if that’s what it takes.

      By the way, the pedal won two awards at the NAMM Show in Anaheim this year – Sonicstate.com’s Best Controller, and Music, Inc.’s Editors choice.

      Thanks to all and to Synthtopia for the article,
      JR, Face, and the Effigy Labs Team

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