GrainFlux 3 Max For Live Hybrid Synth Now Available

Spektro Audio has introduced GrainFlux 3, the latest version of their hybrid Max For Live synthesizer.

GrainFlux 3 combines multiple synthesis techniques, such as granular, wavetable and subtractive, to let you create unique sounds and textures. The latest version includes a brand new design, an improved sound engine, new features (such as Motion controls) and other improvements.

Here’s what they have to say about GrainFlux 3:

For this new 3.0 update, we decided to improve upon it’s core ideas and add more features to make it more flexible.

The sound engine was completely designed and now sounds better than ever which allows GrainFlux to make everything from very subtle leads to extremely aggressive basses.

Amongst the new features, we’ve added a new Motion section that allows the user to scan through audio files to create everything from evolving waveforms to time stretched loops, new envelope follower mode for Env 1, and a new All Pass filter (which works great when combined with the Feedback fx).

Because of these new changes, GrainFlux is now also a great tool for artists looks for new ways to experiment with different types of synthesis in a very unique way.

The new Version 3 is also a free upgrade for all existing GrainFlux customers. If you’ve already purchased a copy, check your email inbox for a new download link!

Pricing and Availability

GrainFlux is available now for U$14.99.

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    1. There’s no reason I should use logic, if I’m constantly high on acid in a garage in a cubical basement, surviving only on fruity loops stolen from a guy named bitwig. Maybe if i had some pro tools i could forge a traktor or a reaper, but is it a life worth living?

    2. I agree comrade @Queen Tigres!!

      If everyone does not use/cares about product X, then product X will not be made by the peoples software factories!

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