SampleScience Intros Pine Forest Drums, BOC-Inspired Sound Library

SampleScience has introduced Pine Forest Drums, a percussive plugin inspired by Boards of Canada.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Pine Forest Drums is a percussion and sound fx sound module inspired by the sonic universe of Boards of Canada. From vintage drum kits to found sounds, tabla to voice cuts, the variety of sounds found in Pine Forest Drums is big compared to the usual drum module.


  • 38 percussion kits each containing 10 sounds
  • 380 original samples
  • Vinyl crackles sound layer with ADSR
  • Tape and films sound layers with ADSR
  • Sub
  • Detuner with depth and rate controls
  • 10 drum pads
  • Level, pan, attack, outputs and decay controls for each sound
  • Amp range controls

Audio Demo:

Pricing and Availability

Pine Forest Drums is available now for US $30.

5 thoughts on “SampleScience Intros Pine Forest Drums, BOC-Inspired Sound Library

  1. They did a nice job on this, at a great price. Canned Vangelis patches seem a bit weird because his playing is what defined them. With BOC, its a different sort of gig, because while BOC fans know the band’s general shape, these sounds invite you to personalize them for broader purposes. I like the challenge of sculpting them to suit my own mad noodlings. Sold.

  2. So funny how we react to things. If this was an iOS app I would have bought it in a second. As a VST, not really interested. JMO.

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