Synth-Werk SW905 Reverberation Unit Now Available, With ‘Emerson’ Mod

Synth-Werk has announced the availability of the SW905 Reverberation Unit – a modern version of the original Moog 905 reverb.

The SW905 is a dual spring type acoustic delay line, designed to produce a succession of decaying echoes of an audio signal. A single panel control determines the ratio between the amounts of reverberated and non-reverberated signals that appear at the output jack.

When a dynamically varying signal is applied to the input of the SW905, the output will consist of a series of closely spaced echoes, the subjective effect of which is similar to that of reverberation of sound. When a static signal is applied to the input of the SW905, the output will also be static. The SW905 will perform in this application like a formant filter, strongly coloring the timbre of any signal with appreciable harmonic content.

The SW905 offers two modes of operation:

  • Regular mode – the relative amount of the echo signal and direct signal can be continuously changed from 100% direct signal to 100% echo signal.
  • „Emerson“ modification – the output signal is continuously mixed with the direct signal and the knob on the faceplate controls the level of the mix. The direct signal is passed through unaffected.

The modes of operation can be selected on the board of the module.

Video Demo:

Pricing and Availability

The SW905 is available now for 380,00 €.

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