Twisted Electrons Acid8 mkIII Bassline Synthesizer

Twisted Electrons has introduced Acid8 mkIII, an updated version of its 8-bit bassline synthesizer.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

MKIII has been rethought from the ground up.  The filter has been replaced with an new all digital one, the handling has been redesigned for more immediate handling and many other real time features have been added including transposition automation, filter wobbler, stutter and vinyl spin-down effects.

The synth engine now has dual oscillators allowing fat and harmonized sounds.
acid8 MKIII offers the same features as its slimsynth uAcid8 counterpart, but with the addition of hardware MIDI and analog sync in and out connectivity and packed in a rugged metal case.

A vst plugin is available to easily take control of the synth’s parameters.


  • USB-MIDI input (sync, notes and parameter modulation)
  • Hardware MIDI input (sync, notes and parameter modulation)
  • Analog sync trigger input and output
  • Dedicated VST/AU plugin for full DAW integration
  • 18 Buttons
  • 32 Leds
  • 6 high quality potentiometers
  • Arp Fx with variable depth and decay time
  • Filter Wobble with variable speed and depth
  • Crush Fx with variable depth
  • Pattern Copy/Pasting
  • Variable VCA decay (note length)
  • Tap tempo, variable Swing
  • Patterns can reset at any step (1-16 step pattern lengths)
  • Variable pulse-width (for square waveforms)
  • 12 sounds: Square, Saw and Triangle each in 4 flavors (Normal, Distorted, Fat/Detuned, Harmonized/Techno).
  • 3 levels of LED brightness (Beach, Studio, Club)
  • Live recording, key change and pattern chaining

No official demo is available yet, but here’s a demo of its predecessor, the µAcid8:

Pricing and Availability:

Twisted Electrons Acid8 MKIII is expected to be available in March 2019, priced at 255 Euro, plus VAT.

5 thoughts on “Twisted Electrons Acid8 mkIII Bassline Synthesizer

  1. the website says the filter on the mk3 is digital whereas the filter on the Mk2 is analog, its possible that I won’t hate the new filter but I’m definitely holding out for the audio demos of the real thing.

  2. I always regretted not getting the previous Acid8. The sound is fantastic, but it doesn’t really fit my production workflow.

    I think I’m going to try to get one. It would be nice to hear from Twisted Electrons to find out whether they plan to discontinue the MkII, since it’s so different (and more expensive)

  3. Low pass filter’s are one of the things that analog tends to do a lot better with. I wonder why he went to digital with this while not really expanding the filter section with more shapes. I will be very surprised if this sounds as good as the MKII.

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