Secrets Of The Terminator 2 Soundtrack That The Studios Did Not Want You To See

Last year, composer Alex Ball shared a video, dissecting the classic synthesizer score to Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Unfortunately, the video was quickly terminated by the film studio, because it included video from the original film. Hasta la vista, baby.

So, no problemo, Ball re-edited the video, replacing the video from the film with pictures of Terminator 2 action figures. And – in our judgement – it’s even better than the original.

Much of the video explores the specific samples and techniques that composer Brad Fiedel used in creating the T2 soundtrack. Ball shows how Fiedel used sample-mangling on the Fairlight CMI to create the soundtrack’s unique sound.

The video mentions the work of composer Python Blue, who has shared recreations of unreleased themes from the T2 soundtrack, embedded below:


7 thoughts on “Secrets Of The Terminator 2 Soundtrack That The Studios Did Not Want You To See

  1. A great soundtrack to a great movie. Do what you can with the means you have. I think that a lot of soundtracks today, orchestral and big, do not stand out in a way this did or other epic ones like blade runner. What do you think about the state current soundtracks and why?

  2. tl;dw: the secrect is, pitch orchestral samples down and embrace aliasing. also, have a fairlight in your garage and somehow think you should have more expensive gear …

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