11 thoughts on “GS Music Polyphonic Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

  1. its amazing that we’ve come full circle like this, back to the analogue polysynths of the 1970s! Hope they can add some digital effects and innovations, a waveshaper would be nice.
    (Oh, and ive heard the cassette tape is making a major come back too!)

  2. There is enough space on the front pannel for 2 touch strips, one for pitch and one for modulation…..just a friendly thought.

  3. They posted some extra information on Facebook (“GS Music”) Feb. 24:
    “We are still working on the design of the new polyphonic analog synth. The idea is to use the same sound board used in the Apollo I with some small modifications and make every control accessible from the panel. Some new features are: PWM on oscillators 1 and 2, a third basic digital oscillator and a graphic display. For the prototypes, we will be using some spare 4 octaves keybeds with semi-weighted keys and aftertouch that we have laying around.”

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