Rob Papen Vecto Synthesizer Now Available As VST, AU & AAX

Rob Papen has announced that Vecto – a software synth originally released as a Rack Extension for Reason – is now available as a plugin for Mac & Windows.

Vecto is based on Vector Synthesis and is inspired by the Sequential Circuits Prophet VS synthesizer, released in 1986. Vector synthesis lets you create dynamic sound movement by cross-fading between four sound sources.

See the Rob  Papen site for details.

23 thoughts on “Rob Papen Vecto Synthesizer Now Available As VST, AU & AAX

  1. Perhaps the future of commercial soft synths will be limited to the likes of Omnisphere and UVI Falcon. Considering the flooded market at present, I can’t see 3 oscillator analogue emulation synths continuing to command the kinds of prices that would get you a Behringer equivalent.

    1. did you have a look at this?
      contains samples, additive spectra and blah blah
      blend 4 sounds with the xy field
      divinely not your boring 3 oscillator analogue emulation synth 😉

      1. I was alluding to the future of analogue emulation synths in general. Not this one specifically. The cost of soft synths is now being challenged by hardware doing the same thing. That was my point.

          1. I’m sorry you lack the imagination or intelligence to make the connections to which I allude. Perhaps you are simply ignorant of the advances and cost reductions in hardware synths. You should really keep up to date and stop relying on VST technology from 20 years ago.
            And saying my point sucked, is about as pitiful a debating tactic as I’ve ever had the misfortune to read.

            1. Post the BERHINGER equivalent you “alluded” to in your initial comment.
              The original post was not about “3 oscillator analog emulation synths.”
              It’s about a $79 vector based VST.
              My first comment was a question.
              My next two are facts.
              My last is an opinion.
              Yeah, whatever point you stumblingly tried to make, sucked.

        1. Much better to get a good software synth than garbage hardware that most certainly does not “do the same thing”. Comparable hardware is very hard to find, and it is nothing like $80 in price if you find it.

    2. Non sequitur? This isn’t a 3 oscillator analog emulation synth. It isn’t comparable to any of the Behringer synth features or price points. What article were you reading?

      1. Non sequitur? But the giraffe never climbed higher than it did when it was attempting to discern the difference between DCOs, VCOs, and acacia leaves. While the differences can be clear to some, a walrus probably described it best when he said that it’s very subjective yet obvious.

  2. It is what it is. The demo properly shows off the $#@! SOUND, thank you! I can’t speak for everyone, but I mostly have one each of a few types of instruments, a sampler packed with Autosampled sounds and some third-party libraries, three different kinds of physical modelers and then a few oddities like this. A certain amount of variety is good for you. It makes sense to have a means of playing vectors, in real-time or LFO’d. Its part of the general synth lexicon. I like Logic’s Sculpture, but the AAS Chromaphone makes modeling a lot more approachable. Vecto does a similar thing for vector synthesis. Besides, its a Papen instrument. You know it’ll hold up well over time. Freeware does have some good current things to offer, but a commercial house is more likely to offer useful updates and backup if you hit a snag. Mix it up and you’ll develop a more personal rig that inspires you.

  3. Checked the website – $79, what hardware synth can I get for $79?
    Comes with a 1,000 presets – what is that like 7.9 cents a preset?
    Just purely as a ‘sample library’ you could spend much more.

    These things are all just tools.
    I am so tempted to make a drop box account and put a link in my replies,
    just to post the sounds I create, using the stuff that too often gets hammered here
    so regularly.

    “iPads suck,” “iOS apps are shit,” “VSTs are lame and sound nothing
    like hardware,” “no knobs,” “touch screens suck,” Blah blah blah.
    What a world.

    1. iPads do suck, iOS synth apps are shit (mostly), vst aren’t lame but few sound like hardware, glass does suck no feedback. Get over it bruh, angst is not your thing.

      This vst looks and sounds great!

  4. I really like it! I’ve been using it the past few days and it sounds amazing! I agree that having the ability to import your own samples would be a huge improvement– HOWEVER, the embedded samples sound FANTASTIC! And there’s plenty of factory samples to choose from! Vecto is great for creating organic sounds that don’t necessarily sound “synthetic”. There are a lot of physical kinds of sounds like glass and metal. It kinda reminds me of Omnisphere’s old Psychoacoustics library. For the price, Vecto is a really cool instrument guys.

  5. Rob Papen creates amazing tools so YOU can create amazing / or not so amazing music and or sound creations.
    The fact that for roughly a tenth of what you would spend years ago on a mediocre hardware synth, can be yours in an INSTANT, is amazing! We have so many options today and people are so used to getting everything that they lose sight that we have…. get ready…. OPTIONS.

    Btw, Rob Papen creates some lovely music and is a wonderful person. He does not even pay me to say this… though If he were to offer… I would decline but allow him to treat me to a meal when he is next in LA!

    Anyhow….. have a good day folks….

    (I should not be allowed to post here until I have had sufficient sleep.)

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