Key Control MIDI Modifier Updated With New Scales

Artificial Noise has announced updates to Key Control, a MIDI device that maps your keyboard controller or synthesizer to a chosen Key and Scale. New scales have been added including: Blues, both Major and Minor Pentatonic and Augmented.

The Key Control is a MIDI device that’s designed to map your MIDI keyboard to output only notes and chords within your chosen Key and Scale. The white keys will play all the notes in the desired Key & Scale (removing all unused notes), while the black keys will play chords within the Key & Scale. You can between 11 scales and all 12 keys.

Video Demo:

You can use Key Control between your keyboard controller and your desired MIDI destination (computer, synthesizer, sequencer, etc) via standard 5-Pin MIDI DIN cables, or put your synthesizer in “Local OFF” mode and send the MIDI out from your synth through the Key Control and back into the synth.

In “Chromatic” mode, 127 MIDI notes are passed through unchanged, while the “Key” knob will transpose the incoming MIDI notes up to 11 semi-tones.

MIDI notes are changed depending on the Key & Scale chosen, but all other MIDI data passes through unchanged, with low latency and fast operation.

Scales include:

  • Major
  • Minor
  • Harmonic Minor
  • Melodic Minor
  • Dorian
  • Locrian
  • Lydian
  • Blues (New)
  • Major Pentatonic (New)
  • Minor Pentatonic (New)
  • Augmented (New)
  • Chromatic / Thru Mode

Pricing and Availability

Key Control is available now for US $225.

8 thoughts on “Key Control MIDI Modifier Updated With New Scales

  1. So you only change the key using the right knob? That misses an easy feature that would make this much more useful (at least easy in Max or PD): A way to control the key dynamically as you play. For example, say the first note (or chord) pressed with the sustain pedal down sets the key? (similar to how the guitar VST AAS Strum works).

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