Korg Gadget 2 Now Available For iOS, Mac & Windows

Korg has released Gadget 2, the first major update to its virtual studio for iOS, Mac & Windows.

KORG Gadget offers more than 30 gadgets, virtual synthesizers and drum machines that you can use in a virtual studio to create full tracks. Key features of the update include 6 new gadgets, improved cross-platform compatibility and an updated user interface. Among the new gadgets, Taipei adds MIDI Out, letting you control other MIDI synths, while Pompei and Memphis bring new synthesis capabities.

Here’s what’s new in Korg Gadget 2:

  • Addition of six new gadgets
    • Memphis (Semi-Modular Analogue Synthesizer)
    • Pompei (6Voices Analogue Synthesizer)
    • Taipei (MIDI-Out Control Module)
    • Durban (Bass Effect Processor)
    • Two more new gadgets coming soon
  • Long-awaited Windows compatible Gadget Plugins
    • All gadgets will be available as Mac/PC plugins.
    • All ready-to-go presets and sounds will be included.

Pricing and Availability

Korg Gadget 2 is available now:

  • KORG Gadget 2 for iOS – The IOS version is a free version upgrade. The added gadgets will be available as in-app purchases.
  • KORG Gadget 2 for Mac – The Mac version is s a paid version upgrade. The new gadgets and Gadget Plugins will be included.
  • KORG Gadget 2 Plugins for Mac/PC – The standalone version is not included. Only the Mac/PC plugins are included in this package.

23 thoughts on “Korg Gadget 2 Now Available For iOS, Mac & Windows

  1. “* project files made with Gadget 2 are not compatible with Gadget 1, so please be careful”.
    This quote has me worried. So, I can play projects made on the old version in the new version, but not the other way around? I don’t want to update just to lose all of my project files, I have too much to lose.
    Can someone inform on this please?

    1. you can still open gadget 1 projects, at least all of mine have so far. but it’s not backwards compatible, can’t play G2 projects on G1

  2. was expecting more of an interface update, looks pretty similar. no isotope for gadget for mac? hmmmm. was soooooo excited for this update and must say im a little let down.

  3. So the midi out gadget and the bass effect gadgets are free, which is nice. However, I went to buy the MS 20 and the polysix gadgets and it says they are not available in the Apple store. Wtf? Anyone else having this problem? And not to rant but why is it so hard for Korg to update the owners manual with each update? Especially a significant update such as this one. I want to label my clips, like in the new pictures they added, but there’s no obvious way to do it.

    1. Are you using Gadget 2 on iPhone? If so, iMS-20 and iPolySix are unavailable as the two apps are not universal and – currently – are only iPad compatible. It’s disappointing. One of the most impressive features in the update is the ability to route audio into the iMS-20 (Memphis) and I was hoping to be able to take advantage of the faster processor on my iPhone. Sadly, the upgrade doesn’t appear to be as significant on iPhone as it is on iPad.

  4. I’ve bought more Korg gear than anything else, so Gadget seems like a natural, smart progression for producers or those who like to sketch on the go. Sounds as good as you’d expect, too. I grin at it a bit, because I have 2 Legacy synths, a million Korg patches I sampled for Logic and a Triton as one of my controllers. I just don’t need Gadget, in part because I also have some 3rd-party pieces that do part of its job in more detail.

    Still, I’d recommend Gadget to anyone who was just dabbling or wanted to get into synths from a simple starting point. Its great for showing off the range of approaches. Korg is keeping Gadget fresh, they fixed that Prologue tuning issue PDQ and that synth has an open slot for meaningful developer additions. Good tools + attention to meaningful details earn my Korg $.

  5. For the last 20+ years the majority of my gear has been KORG. I still use and love my now close to 20 year old Triton Studio 88 serial# 000536, that with the exception of battery changes has needed servicing only once in that time. My legacy studio includes all the original electribes, WavestationSR, TR-Rack, KARMA, MS2000BR, Radias Rack, Triton 76 and Triton Rack(and I still regret selling my 01/w).

    Recently I added volca fm and volca beats and pre-ordered the new volca drum machine. I have had the legacy collection on my old Dell Precision 360 desktop since it’s release.

    I love all my iPads and what they allow me to do with absolute mobility and convenience, as the storms raged here in our area I sat out on our front porch last night with just an iPad and earbuds and did all manner of sonic shenanigans with Gadget. Thank you KORG for all the years of sonic joy you have made possible. JMOs

  6. Is KORG going for a completely stand alone version; i.e. could it be used as a MIDI sequencer for external hardware? I wonder if they’re focused on the approach of that or if it’s more aimed at the gadget lineup?

    It sure would be cool since Korg has had their fingers in MIDI stuff since the beginning…

    1. It supports ext MIDI via plugin now, so yes, you can use it as semi “fully fledged” DAW.
      BTW; It is incredibly stable with very small CPU usage. It is what Reason use to be in that respect before Props integrated VST feature.
      Upgraded from ver 1 for $99 and can’t complain so far, truly worth it and recommended.

      1. What is the point of that remark? I have read all of the above.

        I already paid $200 for the original version. This version has 6 extra gadgets compared to the ~24 I got with v1. Otherwise it seems little has changed.

        And so I ask, is v2 worth the upgrade on Mac?

  7. The new master effects are trully awesome. I wasn’t expecting to get for free the MIDI gadget (and the MS20 and Polysix on the iPad as owner of the original apps), so that’s also great. 100 $ for updating the Mac versions seems a bit abusive for those early adopters on the other side. I’m glad I didn’t pull the trigger because the full version for 200 $ (175€!) seems like a very nice deal now. The only feature missing for me would be to able to change the blue main color scheme. It’s so dull.

  8. I will never buy Korg Software again until they update the Freckin ridiculous Gui on the Legacy Collection i had the misfortune to buy some Vsts of.

  9. Liking the update to Gadget iOS especially Midi Gadget and MS20 and Polysix Gadgets. Not digging $99 upgrade for Mac version when I paid $199 already for the original.

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