Prophet REV2 REV2 Experimental Patch Set & Patch Degrader Demo

Synthesist John Keston (AudioCookbook) lets us know about a new sound library he’s created for the Sequential Prophet REV2 synthesizer.

The Prophet REV2 Experimental Patch Set features 128 original patches and focuses primarily on experimental patches and sound effects, but also includes patches created as conventional sounds to fulfill a specific utility.

Audio Demos:

Keston also shared a video, embedded above, that demonstrates Patch Degrader, a device he designed to streamline creating REV2 patches.

4 thoughts on “Prophet REV2 REV2 Experimental Patch Set & Patch Degrader Demo

    1. The degraded is smart,
      but those patches are a good example of how far out you can get even though it’s an analog synth. With some smart routing, keyboard tracking and AUX envelopes, keyboard tracked hi-speed LFOs and the ring mod effect you can get some really strange bells and almost FM sounding weirdness!

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