303 Day – DJ Pierre And The Roland TB-303

To celebrate 303 Day, Roland shared this video profile of DJ Pierre, who with Spanky and Herb J. launched acid house with the Phuture track, Acid Tracks.

Video Summary:

Today on #303DAY, we celebrate the iconic silver box that defined the genre of acid house—the Roland TB-303 Bassline Synthesizer. With an unmistakable sonic signature brimming with warmth, energy and character, the iconic silver box defined the acid house movement of the late 1980s.

Widely misunderstood when launched in 1981, the true revolution began several years later when electronic music producers rediscovered the quirky box, unleashing the hypnotic, liquid sound that captivated a generation.

While we may never really understand why the 303 sound makes people want to dance, there is no denying its power, influence, and unwavering ability to get a party started. It just works, even after all this time.

4 thoughts on “303 Day – DJ Pierre And The Roland TB-303

  1. That’s actually a really cool story.

    I want to know who the dude was that he visited and decided he needed a 303.

  2. Huge respect to DJ Pierre. Have been privileged enough to shake his hand and spend 5 minutes with him. A beautiful soul. Changed the world.

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