Evolving Ambient Music, On The Timbre Wolf Synthesizer


Sunday Synth Jam: This live performance by Landrow (Stephen Millard) makes impressive use of the AKAI Timbre Wolf synthesizer.

Here’s what Millard has to say about the technical details:

“This is actually two live takes spliced together. The camera stopped recording on the first one so I added some moonlit nighttime footage I’ve taken to carry us over to the next.”

14 thoughts on “Evolving Ambient Music, On The Timbre Wolf Synthesizer

      1. Great point! Probably like a guitar plugged directly into a PA. Good thing a company or two has made quality effects pedals and amplifiers full of character. 😉

      2. Isn’t that part of the artistry this video demonstrates?

        This guy is taking a dirt cheap synth and a cheap reverb plug-in and using them in a way that sounds fantastic.

        And I don’t believe the idea that you can run anything through a reverb and it will sound good. If that was the case, 90% of the synth videos on YouTube would’t sound like garbage.

        This guy understands the strength of the Timbre Wolf is the fact that it’s four independent synths and sequencers, and understands how to use effects to make the most of the synth’s limited synth voice architecture.

  1. I tried the Timber Wolf out a number of times at GC. It’s hard to explain why, but I was continually drawn to it. The price dropped and I embarrassingly made the purchase.

    I enjoy every minute I spend with it. I especially like substituting it’s internal sequencer for 4 MIDI tracks on the Deluge. This combination makes for accurate live recording and allows long sequencer lengths and polyrhythms. It’s a relaxing way to create spontaneous musical ideas.

    Also… what Landrow does with the Timber Wolf is the absolute best!

  2. When i think of all those ridiculous “comment fighters-haters” talking “ohhh timbre wolf garbage!” bla bla bla bla and bla.

    1. Yup. Absolutely. There are so many songs that have great, high end top notch sound quality but are as boring as can be and are not worth a second listen.

  3. You know, there’s a chance the Timbre Wolf will become the next 303. I remember when people had the same opinion of the 303 (and 808) that people have of the Timbre Wolf today. (I personally find the Timbre Wolf too limited, but I do have the Rhythm Wolf and Tom Cat, mainly because the RW has a usable, if trashy snare, and good Hi Hat, and the TC has a good kick and snare)

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