Schmidt Analog Synthesizer v2 Firmware Update Now Available

Schmidt has announced the availability of version 2 of the firmware for the Schmidt Analog Synthesizer.

Here’s what’s new in firmware version 2.00:

  • control inputs now accept control voltages > 5 volts
  • new features:
  • VCA Repeat function
  • voice card disable (in case of malfunction of a voice card)

See the Schmidt site for details.

19 thoughts on “Schmidt Analog Synthesizer v2 Firmware Update Now Available

      1. Well, if you’re counting Schmidts that are being used as coffee tables, I have seven. One is being used as a coffee table and one as an end table. I have an eighth one that I hollowed out and turned into a dog bed, but I’m not counting that one.

      2. i call bull-schmidt on these comments . . i know you guys have more than just 5 or 6 come on. I just use a pile of mine to prop up a PS3300 these days.

        1. well for full disclosure it’s four per chain, but i’m running a multitimbral setup with eight different sounds … so … anyways, somebody is lying, else together we’d already have more Schmidts than were even produced

          1. Shhh…. don’t tell anyone, but the Schmidt is in fact an Arduino-based VA synth housed in a cardbox case, manufactured in New-Delhi by some new-born Indian babies.

    1. Yes, it’s a lot of knobs. Modular systems also have a lot of knobs. And patch points.

      It would be interesting to see what it would take to produce an 8-voice modular system that plays well together, i.e., modules could be grouped, like one VCO a group master, and the others synchronize their settings to it. And then see how much it would all cost…

  1. Do people that own a Schmidt actually use the internet? I was under the impression that they hired retainers to bother with those kinds of trivial activities.

  2. All knobs now have double or even function, documentation available on hand-carved granite slabs for an affordable 5000 Euro (German only)

  3. Version 2 !!!!! WOW !!!! I tried to download my update and it appears the web site has crashed due large volume of users upgrading at the same time.

  4. analog synth vs firmware hm … for me an analog synth has no firmware
    its a digital controlled analog synth with pros and cons

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