Supercell Takes Mutable Instruments Clouds To The Next Level

The Grayscale Supercell is a super-sized version of the Mutable Instruments Clouds module, which was discontinued in 2017.

Supercell expands on Clouds’ open design, widening the panel to 34 hp, which allows for a richer user interface and several additional features:

  • Each of the Blend parameters (Feedback, Panning, Mix, and Space) have dedicated knobs with their own CV inputs and inverting attenuators (attenuverters).
  • The inputs and outputs now have mute switches, stereo VCAs, and separate VU meters. The knobs act as offset controls when their respective VCA inputs are patched.
  • A stereo output gain control has been added, providing an additional +6 dB of gain to compensate for low output levels when using certain parameter combinations.
  • The complex process of changing the sampling time and managing presets has been simplified with dedicated switches and status LEDs.
  • Extensive modulation options for all parameters including direct patching of external CV, distribution of one CV to all parameters via the AUX input, or an internal smooth random CV that is normalized to any unpatched inputs when AUX is also unpatched. The attenuverters control the modulation depth in all three cases. As of firmware v1.01 the internal modulation rate can be adjusted within a range of 1 to 100 Hz.
  • The inputs and outputs now include stereo VCAs and separate VU meters. The knobs act as offset controls when their respective VCA inputs are patched.
  • Pitch is now controlled by two separate inputs: the V/Oct input is exponential and the Pitch input is linear. When both inputs are used, their voltages are summed.
  • A manual Trig switch (for capturing individual grains) has been added, in addition to the Trig input that was present on Clouds.

All other features of the original Clouds are still available.

Here’s a video of the Supercell in action:

Pricing and Availability

Supercell is available now for US $465.

8 thoughts on “Supercell Takes Mutable Instruments Clouds To The Next Level

  1. Absolutely love this idea. Way too many people making opportunistic “micro” Mutable modules instead of actually injecting some of their own creativity into the open source model that Mutable has offered.

    1. this is a 1:1 breakout of the existing firmware UI, the “creative” input is identical to that needed for micro versions.

      1. Says here that several additional pieces of hardware have been added. Every additional piece of hardware requires additional lines of code. Plus I see several features my vanilla Clouds doesn’t have at all. I don’t see how this is 1:1 in any way, shape or form. Quite unlike the micro versions which are literally just smaller hardware

        1. have a look at the VCV Rack source for Clouds (called Audible Texture Synthesizer) and compare to the extension corresponding to the Grayscale panel (called Aurable Neil / Joni) and you will see I am right: it’s all there, just needed to be connected. and what feature exactly do you not have on your standard Clouds? you have all of them, just needs more button presses.

          1. If you think doing a free software plugin is just as easy as making synth hardware then you have a lot to learn about all this stuff. Are you the person making Neil/Joni plugins, maybe? It seems like you did not look closely at the Grayscale offering.

      2. That is incorrect actually, the internal random CV, aux bus, VCAs, and other features probably took a decent amount of development and prototyping effort (at least, compared to those who simply cut a Mutable module into half the size and call it a new product). This seems to be a good application of the open source idea, especially for a discontinued module.

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