The Harrison Instruments Model 302 Theremin

Thereminist Rupert Chappelle shared this in-depth look at the Harrison Instruments Model 302 Theremin.

Harrison Instruments describes the Model 302 as an ‘economy-oriented theremin, featuring superb fidelity, stability and ease of use, designed with the road musician in mind.’

In the video, Chappelle unboxes a new Model 302 Theremin and discusses basic operation and playing technique.

If you’ve used the Model 302 Theremin, leave a comment and share your thoughts on how it compares to other available theremins.

2 thoughts on “The Harrison Instruments Model 302 Theremin

  1. Quite possibly one of the best demos ever on Synthtopia. Love the cars driving by, kids playing, pickup truck, the neighbors strolling by and the dog and crow(?) sounds. Did I mention the recycling bin? Very informative. Hope to see more of this expert. Thanks Rupert, you are an American treasure! Must be played barefoot?!!

    1. You are welcome. Barefoot improves the grounding.

      Key advantages – easy to play, vibrato optional, staccato possible, full range, tremolo tempting, and no messy fingering positions.

      Remember to recycle.

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