SysEx Programming & The Novation Circuit

Reader Patrick Mattingly shared this video that explores SysEx programming & the Novation Circuit.

System Exclusive (or simply SysEx) messages are part of the MIDI standard, and let software and gear makers come up with their own message formats, which can be used for things like saving or loading patches.

In the video, Mattingly explores what’s inside a Circuit SysEx file – and why you might want to know what’s in a SysEx file.

One thought on “SysEx Programming & The Novation Circuit

  1. Thanks, Patrick. This is very useful.

    I have a Highly Liquid MIDI CPU that only responds to Sysex, and doesn’t have a dumbed-down GUI editor. At some point, I’ll finish my MIDI control box, so being able to get around with sysex is essential. I can see that Hex Fiend will be a useful tool.

    Thanks for the great video. I learned some new things.

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