The Raw Army Eurorack Case

Ginko Synthese’s Jan Willem has launched a Kickstarter project to fund production of the Raw Army Eurorack Case – a new 6U case design, based on repurposed army cases.

Technical info

  • Size: 67cm x 30cm x 16cm (outerside)
  • The cases have 3 handles and the locks are flat on the surface. They are easy to carry around and they will not break if you bump into something.
  • The case contains 2 rows (2x 3U) of 114HP.
  • You can leave your patch when closing the lid.
  • Weight: 10Kg, this includes the PSU and rails.
  • Power: Meanwell RT65B.
  • The Meanwell powersupply will give +5Vdc at 5A, +12Vdc at 2.8A and -12Vdc at 0.5A. We have been using this PSU for a long time and it have proven to be more than enough power for 228HP.
  • The case works both on 220V as well as on 120V.
  • Busboards: 30 powerheaders.
  • The cases will contain a double busboard with 30 headers, so you will never have to worry if you have too less powerheaders in the case

Pricing and Availability

Production of the Raw Army Eurorack Case is being done via a Kickstarter project, and the case is available to project backers for €350.

6 thoughts on “The Raw Army Eurorack Case

  1. Bit of a joke…don’t ya think? …What does ARMY paraphernalia have to do with music anyhow…!! Just my opinion….I’ll come up with a case fashioned from an old porcelain latrine or perhaps from a port a’potty….

    1. Funny though, it’s literally the only picture I can remember of EuR gear without wires sticking out of it.

      Now, it looks handsome! Although, standing it up will wack you in the head 🙂 love it!

    2. Kind of a naive comment. Virtually all synthesizer tech (along with computer and telecom tech) has roots in the military-industrial complex. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s better to use these cases for something than to dump them in a landfill.

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