Korg Gadget + Hardware Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This synth jam, via Todd Smith, combines Korg Gadget for iOS with hardware synthesizers.

Here’s what he has to say about the technical details:

“This video shows the power of Taipei and hardware synthesizers. All sounds are 100% hardware besides the drums.

Korg Gadget acts like a drum machine and hardware sequencer in this video.”

9 thoughts on “Korg Gadget + Hardware Synth Jam

    1. “Run through the Jungle” – Credence Clear Water Revival. Essentially the one-chord-rock genre. Sounds fine, thanks Todd!

    2. There are two answers to this. The first, flippant response is “When kids stopped taking piano lessons.” The second is “The moment those same kids first heard Tangerine Dream and tried to do it themselves, much like the previous generation grabbed Strats and Telecasters.”

      That said, we’re due for a resurgence of melody.

  1. Hey I resent that…yesterday I made a track with an arpeggiating monologue and as I turned the cutoff the harmonic frequencies were such that it practically sounded like random notes were triggering in key…and it was cool…

  2. I’ll start by saying kudos to this dude for putting something up on the platform for people to see and hear!

    That being said:

    Most things I hear in electronic music on YouTube are musical ditties at best. They tend to be unsigned hobbyists on average. They aren’t making, what I would consider, songs.
    Creating songs, something of substance that you can sink your teeth into and revisit, subside in the realm of professional musician. What people listen to varies as much as there are colors in a gigantic crayons box, but what is listened to and revisited time and again are “proper” songs. Without writing a major dissertation on a definition of song I’ll error on the side that readers of this have an inkling.

    Thank goodness there is unending choice!

    now I am gonna jam to some Mike Mareen with a side of Vivian Vee

    The rest cn have fun with their bleeps and bloops and/or one bar Apple commercial motifs
    Or tr-sync’d Serato dj sets


    1. Ha! Your screed takes me back to the 80s and the letters to the editors of Keyboard Magazine where the disaffected bitterly griped about the death of real musicianship, the MTV, and all the Mike Score one-finger virtuosos, with their combed back hairstyles and mono synths, who were grabbing the spotlight and ruining it for the real talent.

      1. Remember how drum machine were gonna put drummers out of a job ;D
        That’s why Keyboard mag was thee go-to for transcriptions of all the high-falutin’ greats: Hancock, Wakeman, Jarret, Pocaro (to hell with spelling)
        Funny thing is, I have heard a bunch of people with mad skillz, but they are bore after the first few minutes and can’t come up with anything outside their database.
        I particularly love the dime a dozen licks of those “sought after” ep’s, grands, b3’s, yada yada that the people showcase in their workstation demos because apparently everyone clawing is
        at the gates for those sounds (because everyone is in a Doobie Bros band)

        I hope I made someone out there have a chuckle or two

        Going back to my safe place with a little Patrick Cowley to caress the inner beast

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