Propellerhead Reason 10.3 Beta Now Available

Propellerhead let us know that Reason 10.3 is now available as a beta release.

Here’s what Reason Product Manager Mattias Häggström Gerdt has to say about 10.3:

In Reason 10.3, VST plugins work as expected and Reason’s VST performance is on par with other DAWs on the market. How much of an improvement you’ll get varies depending on which plugins you use and your set-up, but it’s been improvements across the board.

During alpha testing we’ve tested many of the most popular plugins on the market and we’ve seen improvements range from a measly 5% to a staggering 260%, and that’s when using a buffer size of 512.

We found that Reason 10.3 improves performance even when not using VSTs, too! It will differ a bit depending on your setup, but we’ve seen up to a 30% improvement.

Propellerhead is looking for beta testers for Reason 10.3, especially if you have encountered VST-related problems in the past. They are planning on a full release for version 10.3 in April, as a free update for Reason 10 users.

12 thoughts on “Propellerhead Reason 10.3 Beta Now Available

  1. Long time reason ideas here. I have had so many issues working with waves plug ins and wave shell. With the new vst implimentation maybe this will fix those issues. The vst integration is absolutely awesome though. Most days have vst capabiliy but it’s even more amazing because of the types of configurations you can create with the way reason used to work. It’s like joining two worlds of work flow.

    1. Some of us don’t need “scaling” to use a great program. Sorry that you do, thats unfortunate since Reason is so awesome, I’d be famish if I knew that the only thing between me and a great DAW was “Scaling a window”. Glad I’m awesome and its not a concern. Sorry man.

      1. I have an older version just for the rack. The one just after they introduced the new mixer and merged it with Record. But at 60 my eye sight isn’t what it used to be. I have all this screen estate, but fiddeling with Thor is down right torture, because it’s so friggin’ tiny on a large screen. Much easier with the Arturia collection which have GUI’s that are down right lovely.

        1. Fair enough. Then why leave the comment, you know. No offense but it’s that could be an issue with most things on a computer in general, and most things if you have bad eye sight. But I guess some software accommodates but that shouldn’t discredit its potential or usability.

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