Inside The Latest DiN Release, Télégraphe (DiN58), By d’Voxx

Electronic music label DiN has released Télégraphe, (DiN58) the debut album by d’Voxx.

d’Voxx, made up of synthesists Nino Auricchio and Paul Borg, who work with analog and modular gear and have performed across Europe over the last three years.

Here’s what label head Ian Boddy told us about the new album:

Télégraphe unfolds over 9 tracks to create a sonic travelogue where each track segues into the next via field recordings at various subway stations throughout the world.

The music both looks at the past with its tightly choreographed, Berlin School inspired sequence lines, but wraps this in a gorgeous blanket of modern ambience.

Some beautiful vintage Fender Rhodes adds to the textures via glitched up modular effects.

What is most impressive though is the sheer musicality of the sequencing which is showcased in the glorious opening track “Opera”.

In this series of videos, Divkid Ben Wilson talks with Auricchio and Borg, about their backgrounds, modular synthesis and the new album:

How does modular sit within 35 years of craft and studio practice?

From performance to concept album:

Track by track discussion of the new album:

Télégraphe is available now via Bandcamp. You can preview it below:

Audio Preview:


01 Opera 5:37
02 Akalla Norr 8:15
03 Télégraphe 5:59
04 Aotou 6:50
05 Templehof 5:39
06 Akalla Söder 9:00
07 Dinamo 6:27
08 Skalka 6:28
09 Terminus 1:47

Total Time 55:59

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