Super Signal Processor Eurorack Module Gets Massive Update

Percussa founder Bert Schiettecatte let us know that they’ve released a massive update for their Super Signal Processor (SSP) Eurorack module.

The updates include a completely rewritten multichannel recorder / sampler:

  • The recording time limitation has been removed, so you can now record much bigger WAV files, limited by the FAT32 partition file size on the SD card (2GB).
  • The input recorder can record up to 16 channels simultaneously.
  • All recording can be done at 48kHz, 96kHz and 192kHz at 32 bit.
  • You can choose how many channels to record using the ARM buttons for the input and output recorder.
  • Every channel has a PLAY and MONITOR toggle button per output channel, so you have full control over how you monitor incoming signals and audition your recordings/samples.
  • All editing is non destructive on large files, which means changes are applied when you save the loaded sample using the Save and SaveN buttons. It also means the operations are instant, with the exception of the normalization button, which needs to read file sample levels the first time you use this operation.
  • It’s no longer necessary to load WAV files into memory in the recorder, all operations are done directly on the files

The update also features a new Macro module. This new module allows you to control multiple modules in the patcher grid, using one set of global parameters, so you can create patches where you can control multiple module parameters with a single knob.

These modules have been also updated:

  • Granular
  • Reverb
  • Delay
  • WTO
  • ENV (ADSR)
  • LFO

Other updates include a new preset collection and samples. The presets include a wide variety of patches, covering:

  • polyphonic wavetable synthesis
  • polyphonic granular synthesis
  • polyphonic multitimbral FM and sampling
  • sequencing and multi-voice microtonal quantization
  • additive synthesis
  • polyphonic classic subtractive 12-voice synthesis
  • a wide variety of simple patches covering the granular, sampler, … modules

SSP Overview & Demo

Percussa also shared a recent overview and demo of the SSP:

See the Percussa site for details.

11 thoughts on “Super Signal Processor Eurorack Module Gets Massive Update

  1. Don’t have an SSP, but it’s on my wish list and I’ve been impressed at the frequent updates Percussa has been doing on it. They’re up there with Novation when it comes to updates!

  2. Truly, 2000€ for a single module? Ok, its powerful, but i’d rather use it as a single synth than in Eurorack modular world. The Percussa Engine with remote and cubes seem too misconceptual to me. My question: What is this thing? Granular/Wavetable Synth, Sampler, Sequencer, Recorder, Mixer or FX-Unit? A sound Computer like the OD ER-301 is way more flexible in modules and some kind of universal tool. Its even smaller and no computing display-monster. I’m curious which way the Percussa SSP goes in music history.

    1. Glad you are here to tell everyone you are not interested in this. You really add to the conversation. If you are asking what this thing is, you are just being lazy, trolling, or maybe your skills are not up to task. Regardless, this thing is a powerhouse and if you can afford it, the possibilities are staggering. Well done.

  3. You can’t deny this thing is polarizing. The SSP is massive, no doubt, but even the developer admitted it may be too big for its purpose in a modular rig. They will release a “micro” SSP in June/July and then things will appear way more reasonable at a 550USD price point. No doubt, if the Percussa SSP/Engine had a small MPE-capable keyboard and no extra remote with Nintendo style playcubes, it could be really seen as the revolutionary multi-synthesis “micro-DAW/Workstation” unit it was ment to be. I think the developer lost its way in the process and will fix some conceptions with the smaller mSSP at start. No trolling, just admiration for the efforts and an ambitious advice to Mr. Schiettecatte. 😉

    1. So your complaint is that it’s too powerful? And why are you talking about cubes, etc. This is a eurorack module. Seems like you are trolling and hating. Thumbs down for you.

  4. Polarizing? It’s a high quality eurorack module with an extensive amount of inputs / outputs and features? What’s the problem? It’s too powerful? Too many options? Then stick to other modules, don’t bash and troll something because it’s “too much” as your main critique. Your post contributes nothing and is negative and troll-like.

    1. What’s up with you guys? Go ahead, buy it and support Percussa! Don’t name me a troll, just saying the Percussa is probably too massive. The mSSP will be a great thing! Stay positive!

  5. That’s my last information from November, but nothing should be taken for granted these days. It would be so logical. A fantastic alternative to several other modules i do not want to mention here for my safety. 😉

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