Extended Elektron Digitone Techno Set

Paris-based reader Martin Gustafsson shared this extended live techno set, using just the Elektron Digitone.

Here’s what Gustafsson told us about the performance:

The sounds are coming only from the Digitone, I tried to make as full a sound I could get using only the 4 tracks on this machine, so there are some tricks consider, like using transitional patterns, using the same tracks for the same sound types on every pattern, putting the kick and the bass on the same track using p-locks so there’s no mixing problems, using volume to mute instruments instead of track mutes so you can build to “drops” when changing patterns, etc

I tried to go back to a more stripped back approach of live music.

Maybe seeing it as an “unplugged show” where there’s only a guy with a mic and a guitar – why not one with just a (very powerful) machine?

5 thoughts on “Extended Elektron Digitone Techno Set

  1. cool stuff…I use to put together sets with just an electribe SX-1…very similar. (did a few gigs too) I would create new patterns building one after another in 20 minute long “scenes” I could cycle through the patterns,mute, filter and effect sounds along the way….I could use them as a base for improvising bass lines on a monosynth, capturing loops with a KP3 on on its own for a more minimal thing…Something to be said for a easy to use production station and limiting your workflow.

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