ROLI Seaboard + Nord Modular Fusion Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: Dr. Guy Shkolnik shared this video, capturing a live jazz fusion performance with bassist Gai Trax, For Jan Erik Kongshaug.

Shkolnik notes, “This music is dedicated to the great sound engineer Jan Erik Kongshaug.”

Technical Details:

Original composition by Guy Shkolnik. Shkolnik plays ROLI Seaboard, Nord Modular, Patterning, Fugue Machine and Waldorf Nave iPad apps.

Gai Trax – Electric Bass

5 thoughts on “ROLI Seaboard + Nord Modular Fusion Jam

  1. Beautifully done. Jan *must* be a memorable engineer to elicit that one. This reminds me a bit of some ECM titles I love, from people such as Terje Rypdal and John Surman. Nice use of the ROLI as well. As flashy as people sometimes want things to be, this is the kind of music that shows off the more subtle, emotive capabilities of alternate controllers and noble experiments like the Nord Modular. Added gold star for the fine bass work, Gai!

    1. E.R. – since the site is Synthtopia, it makes sense to feature players that are doing something interesting with synths, rather than just some people just jamming on electric keyboards.

      1. Well, these are synths, and it’s all live, even the drums; no sequencer or stupid automatic keyboard stuff; just look a bit closer this time.

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