Taking Eurorack Sampling Beyond Audio

The latest loopop video takes a look at using Eurorack sampling for more than audio.

Samplers are typically used for recording and playing back audio rate AC (Alternating Current) signals. But in a modular context, samplers can also be used for recording and playing back DC (Direct Current) control voltages.

You’ll need a sampler module that’s DC-coupled. This means that it’s able to sample or output constant or slow-moving DC control voltages, in addition to AC audio signals.

Topics Covered:

0:00 Intro

1:35 DC ins & outs

2:10 Recording motion

5:00 Rhythmic patterns

7:10 Drawing functions

7:35 Stereo functions

8:00 BPM problems

8:45 Clocked playback

9:25 Clock track

11:15 BPM tranposers

11:40 More tips?

5 thoughts on “Taking Eurorack Sampling Beyond Audio

  1. That is exactly what I am thinking to do with my Prophet X. I want to put control signal in LF range as a sample and treat it as modulation source. Don’t know how to generate wave file yet, but I think this video might show mi solution.

  2. Gatekeeper is an awesome program. Soundforge has a primitive version of this same ability, but only 20 or so node points to create very cool amp mods, but Gatekeeper takes the same concept to much greater depths than soundforge could do. Work around in Soundforge was chaining together multiple amp mods but Gatekeeper is way more fun. Very cool video.

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