Against The Clock With Tangerine Dream’s Hoshiko Yamane

The latest in Fact magazine’s Against The Clock sessions features Japanese composer and violinist Hoshiko Yamana.

Yamane is probably best known as one of the members of the current lineup of Tangerine Dream. She has performed with them since 2011. But Yamana also has her own project, Tukico, in which she combines violin/viola with looping and electronics.

Video Summary:

“For this week’s Against The Clock, Yamane gave us an exclusive look at this project’s live iteration, delivering a hypnotic improvisation in just 10 minutes using a loop pedal, a Moog synthesizer and her five-string electric Viola.”

7 thoughts on “Against The Clock With Tangerine Dream’s Hoshiko Yamane

  1. I liked this. I must admit that I feel Hoshikos role in TD is rather vague to me. She seems to be standing around not doing much a lot of the time. After this video, I think she is being undervalued and under-utilised and should have a more prominent role in playing and composing. This music, for me, had elements of Zeit and other early TD so could fit in with the new revitalised lineup very easily.

    1. Loved this too, it’s an interesting soundscape performance and very cool to be able to see cause and effect of what she’s doing.

      I like the current incarnation of Tangerine Dream a lot, but would like to hear more of her. Sometimes it seems like she gets stuck playing simple parts that were created for Mellotron originally.

  2. That was one of my favorite ATCs. She’s awesome. It’s a shame they’ve had to disable the comments on Youtube for these videos because people can be so nasty, especially to the women performers.

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