Analogue Solutions Impulse Command Is More Than A Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

Analogue Solutions has introduced a new instrument, Impulse Command, that offers a unique stereo take on synthesis.

Synth designer Tom Carpenter says that “It’s wrong to call it a synthesizer – in fact a new word needs to be invented – because then you get preconceived ideas about what it does.”

“It’s a whole lot more than a synth,” he adds. “It’s also part drum synth, part pattern generator, part modular loop producer.”

Impulse Command combines analog synthesis, sequencing, deep patching and modulation and more to create stereo output that sounds like multiple synths playing at once.

Here’s the official intro video:

Impulse Command is a compact true analog synth. The entire audio path and all modulation are entirely analog (other than the post effects), using circuits based on vintage 1970s designs.

Here’s what Analogue Solutions has to say about Impulse Command:

“The synth has been designed by Tom Carpenter, a musician and a big fan of electronic music. He knows how to program a synth and what should be expected. It was not designed by an engineer or steered by committee or men in suits. Design wasn’t constrained in order to bring maximum profit to share holders!

So, the modulation choices and range of sounds they produced have all been carefully thought out and quickly give you those sounds you want: huge bass, synth leads, percussion, effects, modular style sounds.”


  • Analogue synth: analogue audio and modulation circuits
  • Stereo / dual filters
  • This synth can sound like multiple synths all at once
  • Stereo digital effects (reverb and delay)
  • 16 step analogue sequencer
  • 16 step MIDI Note sequencer
  • Dynamic internal patch system
  • ReOrder! feature to create new melodies from the sequencer
  • Dynamic VCO mix levels
  • Semi-modular
  • High quality build

Pricing and Availability

Analogue Solutions says that they expect Impulse Command to be available soon, priced at US $1199/€1179/£849. See their site for more information.

33 thoughts on “Analogue Solutions Impulse Command Is More Than A Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

  1. Well, that is certainly trite marketing…..not designed by ‘men in suits’. If I recall, much of NASA’s venerable programme was designed by men in suits. Perhaps they could just convey that it was designed by a singular vision? I despise this sort of branding and marketing nonsense.

      1. I realise their point of view, however I doubt they designed this to lose money. Whenever I read or hear something is ‘uncompromising‘ or again this sort of rebel with a cause nonsense I cannot roll my eye far back enough into my head.

        1. Nasa has nothing to do with this. Obviously.

          Voting with dollars is exactly the way to ’rebel’ in this world. Obviously.

          …or am I forgetting something, what else do you suggest??? A Lynch mob?

        2. There’s way shittier stuff than this, with far shittier advertising than this, absolutely everywhere and people will still buy it. I doubt Analogue Solutions are going to lose too many customers over a poor joke in a preliminary sneak peek video

  2. Idk why you are all so bitter, this is a cool out of the box thinkomg synth. I’d hate to hear the kind of bland language you’d market a product with.

    Anyway I love the sounds in these demos, very cool. I’d love to use one.

  3. I love it. Everything about it. Sounds and looks ace. Way to go Tom!

    You guys going on here about marketing etc get a clue! Depressed or what? Lol

  4. I think it looks pretty cool as a Eurorack guy, you get a voice, a good cv and midi sequencer etc…but (and it’s a big but) it’s just too expensive when I can get a behringer Oddesey for under 499….boutique stuff, too expensive for me.

  5. The entire audio path AND ALL MODULATION are entirely analog – good to see this point being made. Too many modern synths tout their ‘all analogue signal path’ while completely ignoring the fact that 50% of their sound comes from digital modulation of that signal path and its associated artifacts, usually resulting in a less than stellar analogue sound. I like the look of this synth too – has a 70’s mixer vibe to it. Those internally lit knobs are great too!

      1. I know it’s hard to imagine, especially if you are from the USA, but there are some 195 countries with different income, currency, culture, tax, people and so on.
        As an example, over here, they’ve just raised the minimum wage to €900! Not to mention, that some people doesn’t work full time, for what ever reason.
        In other words, just because you earn what you earn, doesn’t mean everyone earns that. Not even in your country. Not even in your company.

  6. Dear Tom Carpenter, you rock and you design great things. Keep up the great work there is nothing like this out on the market for those of us who know that. Looks perfect for my setup and I will def consider ordering it when available. -Christian Lewis Lyon, NYC, USA

  7. Sounds good in its own right, but calling it “a whole more than a synth” is a bit pretentious. Didn’t hear anything here that can’t be achieved with many other modular/semi-modular synths at a fraction of the cost of this module.

  8. Seems a continuing trend in compact live performance synth tools. This is definitely something an astute DJ or electronic musician could use to create rich and easily tweakable bass lines and arps on the fly….and it is of professional quality. There is a creative push to create live flowing electronica sans laptop.

    Oh and what they said it was it wasn’t created by a white toxic bro in a suit that hates the world for not stroking his continuous crappy ego.

      1. Admin: We reviewed the comment that you were responding to, and it does not appear that ‘Eva’ was making a personal attack on either you or a specific group of people in her comment.

        We see similar comments regularly – people dismissing a product as ‘something for hipsters’. This type of comment may not contribute anything especially constructive to the conversation, but does not cross the line into being a personal attack on an individual or an attack on a specific group of people, like a racial or religious group or a nationality.

        Moderating comments is always a challenge, and we try let readers express themselves and limit moderation as much as possible. The approach we have always take is to encourage active discussion and criticism of THINGS (synths, software, types of music, a specific performance, etc) but not attacks on specific individuals or specific groups of people.

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