7 thoughts on “Black Corporation Kijimi Synthesizer Review

  1. I need a money, too! This thing is loosely based on the RSF PolyKobol, a French synth with its own sort of bite and weight. Think Synthex from another country. It runs £3,519/$3,519 US, as the exchange rate is about even there for the moment. If you have the bucks and the drive, you know who you are. It has some real beauty going for it that’s similar to that of the CS-80/Deckard’s Dream. My only First World issue is that it’d be a major shame if someone didn’t play it to death for a few months so they can really tap into the range and the MPE option. Buying a mega-synth and only using it casually is a venal sin.:)

  2. Had great fun playing this at SuperBooth last year – I’ve been waiting to see some proper online demos ever since.

    It sounds like nothing else, I asked the designers why they’d made it, and it’s all to do with the mod matrix.

    But I do wish it were cheaper! 🙂

  3. Looks gorgeous, very Virus like somehow. Great sound too. Protip, if you can live with the interface, only a low-pass filter, and mono output/slow MIDI, an Oberheim Matrix 6 is cheap, will give you six analog voices (fairly freely assignable) and has a 10-slot modulation matrix – you can get some really wild sounds out of it.

  4. great demo vid by Enrique Martinez and it struck me the Kijimi picks up where synths like the Oberheim Matrix Xpander, Korg PS-3300 or CS-80 left of. As if now we have the continuation of that kind of engineering (which trailed off as synths went more digital, more into workstation territory).

    Or at least the routing matrix and resultant sounds remind me of those synths in particular. Hearing MemoryMoog timbres, Oberheim sounds. Filter seems quite flexible by way of the modulation matrix and oscillator control. Quite something, really.

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