Sounds Of The Nonlinear Labs C15 Synthesizer

Nonlinear Labs has shared a new set of videos, embedded above, featuring Ulrich Wappler demonstrating a series of patches for the C15 synthesizer.

Each of the ten un-edited, un-processed videos showcase a different sound of the C15 synth.

Here’s what they have to say about the video:

Ulrich Wappler, a student of electrical engineering, was our intern for half a year. In addition to his work on the C15 hardware he spent quite some time doing sound design and playing the C15. He not only created many unique sounds but also played them in interesting styles. Don’t miss his video clips with his spontaneous playing, demonstrating some important characteristics of the C15.

More information about the C15 is at the Nonlinear Labs website.

9 thoughts on “Sounds Of The Nonlinear Labs C15 Synthesizer

  1. This is such a lovely sounding synth, combining FM & physical modelling, and a lovely expandable design – I had the pleasure of playing it a SuperBooth last year.

    Unfortunately it’s approach is a little too purist for me: it doesn’t even have a MIDI out!

  2. Great sounds and playing! Fresh sounding, yet evocative: I couldn’t help thinking Kerry Minnear (of Gentle Giant fame) would have totally rocked on this (#4)….and Adrian Belew…elephant talk!

  3. Great sounds and playing! Couldn’t help but think Kerry Minnear of Gentle Giant fame) would have totally rocked on this…..and Adrian Belew….elephant talk!

  4. Keep in mind that its CPU is totally committed to very involved sound production. They made it clear early on that this was conceived of as a real player’s instrument, not a traditional ‘synth-band’ rig member. It leans toward serious key playing skills where a lot of gear leans towards ease of use and a certain sense of modularity. Its also a pricey boutique item you will NOT see gathering dust at a GC. I like the added sound detail it clearly offers as a class-act instrument, but as a mere mortal, I’ll have to get my additive thrills from RAZOR and my FM from wavetables that get 99% of the way there with 10% of the operator madness.

  5. The C15 is a beast and truly remarkable. There is an organic quality to it that is not found in any other hardware synth…it is so much like an acoustic instrument in terms of feel and playability that it is unbelievable. Lacking MIDI is not lacking at all…it keeps one keenly aware and focused on what matters most: playing.

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