Ableton ReChorder Promises Polyphonic Processing Power

Ableton today introduced ReChorder, a new instrument that could just make you rethink everything about what you thought you knew about what a recorder is.

Innovative controls like Skill, Scale & Chordyness make ReChorder your first choice for software-enhanced polyphonic recorder performance in Ableton Live.

And if you don’t play the recorder, don’t worry – the powerful ReChorder software engine is available to all Ableton Live 10 users as a free download.

8 thoughts on “Ableton ReChorder Promises Polyphonic Processing Power

  1. The joke was pretty funny, in part because some of us wind instrument players do suffer from polyphony-envy.
    I only have Live 10 Lite and Max 8, so I’d need to tweak the M4L device to make it work. But the patcher’s internals do inspire me to experiment a bit.
    Anyone tried it?

  2. Say what you will about fake april fools products on the internte. At least Ableton always throws a cool (if silly) real device in with it.

  3. Pretty funny, but also sideways-intriguing, because a lot of wind players struggle with the synth side of it. Its a new world when you realize that there are no envelopes because you ARE the envelopes. A few synths come with presets configured for wind players, which is appreciated. I’ve seen a couple of live players using Akai EVIs and EWIs. Its impressive. Its a pure form of synth playing because there are no step-sequencers or etc., just the real-time one-to-one of it. I can’t play one because my spit valve would be moldy & green in no time, drip into the electronics and fry me, lips-first.

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