4 thoughts on “Spectrasonics At Synthplex 2019

  1. Fun demo! I can’t speak for everyone, but each tool like Omnisphere or Kontakt is a huge world of its own that takes a loooong time to grasp. The hardware integration is a smart move, but you either make Omni your centerpiece or you get spread more thinly with every added item. You have to commit to get the goodies from it. If you’re a mega-boffin who can retain the intricacies of 5 DAWs, 50 plug-ins and 22 hardware synths, you can probably pee upwards and hit a satellite. I only have enough mental address lines left for Logic Pro, a Triton and 20 plug-ins, so guess who won’t be buying a Buchla. Its a First World Problem.

  2. I really want to invest in this plugin but the $450 price tag is off-putting. I’d rather have some hardware at that price.

    1. As a synthesist, you need to pick and choose the best tools for what you want to do!

      Omnisphere is one of the most powerful tools that I’ve ever used, and I don’t know of any hardware synth – certainly not one in the same price range – that can do what it can do.

      But if your more interested in a specific type of sound, or working with hardware, that may make more sense for you.

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