Carolina Eyck & Eversines – ‘Waves’

Thereminist Carolina Eyck shared the music video for hew new single, Waves.

“Together with electronic music producer Eversines, I created Waves, using only the sound of my voice and theremin, sometimes in modulated forms.”

“The song came out of a very energetic moment, feeling the joy to be alive,” she adds.

Their new album, also entitled ‘Waves‘, is coming out on April 15th, 2019, on yeyeh.

Eyck describes Waves as a special collaboration with electronic musician Eversines, using the sound of “Theremin & Voice“, and ‘transforming it into new spheres’. Eyck simultaneously recorded, processed, modulated, layered and arranged theremin and vocal sounds.

You can preview the album below:

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  1. I really liked some of this. However, it’s coming increasingly harder to determine the April fools jokes from the non-fake posts without the keyword.

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