Korg volcassette Cassette Player/Multi-Track Recorder Will Never Let You Down

Korg today announced the latest in their popular volca line, the volcassette cassete player/multi-track recorder.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The next volca is here; straight out of the decade of decadence! Introducing the volcassette Cassette Player and Multi-track Recorder. It combines the very best of portable cassette players with super-intuitive four-track true-analog recording capabilities.

Capture the moment when inspiration strikes!


  • Transport: Play, Record, Rewind, Rewind 2x, Fast Forward, Fast Forward 3x, Tape Speed (for playback and record), Auto-Reverse
  • Recording Capabilities: Four-track recorder
  • Display: 7-segment LED play counter with reset
  • Inputs: Combined 1/8” guitar/XLR input (includes breakout cables); onboard microphone
  • Outputs: 2 x 1/8” stereo headphone jacks for shared listening
  • Output Processing: Dolby A noise reduction; dedicated Bass and Treble controls
  • Power: 6 x AA batteries (included) for up to 20 hours continuous playback, or optional 9V adapter
  • *Optional volcahead head-cleaning tape also available

Pricing and availability are to be announced. See the Korg site for more information and a video demo.

53 thoughts on “Korg volcassette Cassette Player/Multi-Track Recorder Will Never Let You Down

    1. @ KORG

      I realise this is an Actual Concept from your skunkworks concept team.
      You wanted to Gage Opinion yet not be ridiculed so you teased it on April fools.

      So now you have your desired response.
      So many people posting here want this.


  1. I actually wish this was real, I have and like cassettes for personal reasons and they have their uses and would live a modern deck vs having to rely on a vintage beheamoth. Good joke but please make it real.

    1. Leave it to Korg to let the first Volca I find seriously interesting be an April‘s joke 😀 Someone should build this!

      1. I know, it’s so annoying, I think something the size of a volca that could function as a multitrack for fun and also as just a good tape deck would be amazing. One of you modular guys should be able to figure this out as a kickstarter ( shit make a eurorack version too ) just get it done. thanks.

  2. I thought it was fishy when I noticed the 2 headphone jacks. Like how many people need to listen to the output on such a small device.

  3. I want a new 4 track tape recorder so much, why can’t anyone make them anymore? Is it so ridiculous that it sounds like a joke? Also, I wish Korg spent some time improving the firmware of the Prologue to match features that were later included in Minilogue XD, or at least replying to support emails.

  4. I realize it’s April Fool’s, but someone would be smart to manufacture a new, high-quality, low-cost cassette player. The options out there today are horrible, and there is a market. People keep buying the same half-broken tape decks on Craigslist over and over. One of the few products I would be happy to see Behringer start producing.

    1. i got a cassette player at wal mart for 20 bucks, i wouldn’t call it high quality but it has a line ine for recording and output i run through some effects pedals. it does the trick for 20 bucks.

      otoh, if someone were to manufacture new, they should go all out with speed adjustment, reverse, multiple read and write heads, etc.

  5. I loved the Tascam 4-track Portastudios that used standard cassette tapes. They were really useful back in the day.

    Great hoax, and, yeah, this could be a real product, which makes it even better.

  6. I hope the Korg management team sees the comments on this post, their “joke” product is actually interesting to a lot of people. I’d probably buy one too.

  7. If this isn’t at NAMM 2020 then there’s no justice. There’s a little community center just 10 minutes from me that puts out tape albums of neighborhood artists every other month.

    PS I post anonymously here but I was pushing for the reissue and development of affordable analog synths for years at trade shows like AES and forums like Gearslutz until companies like Korg, Arturia, and Behringer stepped up to the plate, and before that I was pushing for modular synthesis with everything, rewriting the MIDI standard, and USB connectivity. Not to claim credit for other people’s hard work, but I’ve got a good record at reading the market and understand manufacturing economics and technology, so it’s just possible this prediction will come true too 😉

  8. There is NO WAY I would buy this, but I have a TON of cassettes you can buy from me then I can afford a DIFFERENT volca that actually exists. LOL

  9. please make it reality 😉 I would so buy this, damn. add pitch control, reverse play, a second playback knob and maybe a tape echo functionality and this would be such a winner.

  10. The web page could almost be convincing if it didn’t use the default font and ugly red”Features” heading… oh wait, but that looks so 90’s too!

  11. Please make this volca korg. Would like to see a small graphic eq or 3 band sweepable mid on it. Also the ability to bounce of course. I would pay $250.00- $300.00 easily.

  12. Additionally, if you make this please add a trim control and a 7 segment led for gain staging and a pan control. Thanks!

  13. I’m not sure if anyone in the world still produces high-quality cassette mechanisms (motor,gears,heads,etc). Thus, there is more of a demand for this type of product than most would suspect. Recording to tape imparts a kind of compression and roll-off that is difficult to achieve through other means. Perhaps Behringer will seize this opportunity if no one else jumps on it.

  14. A 4 track would never have auto reverse, but at least have a basic mixer section. Do some basic research on your pranks next time.


  15. This, if real, would sell well. Even if only for nostalgia. Super low price, high quality portable cassette multitrack. It’s actually a great idea.

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