Laurentide SynthWorks Baal 3080 4-Pole VCF

Laurentide SynthWorks has announced the Baal 3080 4-Pole VCF, for MU modular synthesizer systems.

At its core of the module is the filter that was in the original RevA version of the Octave Cat, before they switched to the SSM2040. The filter design has been adjusted for modular level and the expo-converter uses super-matched 3906’s and temperature compensated for upwards of 5-octave tracking.

Additionally, there is a 4-pole output as well as a 1-pole output. These outputs are inverted from each other, so they can be mixed together for Bandpass.

Here’s a video demo, via synthesist John L Rice:

Pricing and Availability

Baal is available both as a DIY kit and also as fully assembled modules. Details are available at the Laurentide SynthWorks site.

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