Pluck Oscillator For The Korg minilogue xd

Tim Shoebridge shared this demo of Pluck, a new oscillator for the Korg minilogue xd.

The minilogue xd features Korg’s Digital Multi-Engine, which lets you load third-party oscillator designs. Pluck uses a tunable feedback loop for string synthesis, inspired by the work of Kevin Karplus and Alexander Strong.

Pricing and Availability

Pluck is available as a ‘pay what you want’ digital download.

3 thoughts on “Pluck Oscillator For The Korg minilogue xd

  1. It’s a nice sounding synth but I do wish they made a desktop version without the cheap slim keys. Those keys really don’t do this synth justice.

    Korg step up your game! The old Korg stuff was way better build compared to what’s produced nowadays.

    1. For me and many, we like the price with the keys as-is. Fullsize keys would double the price. Ideally, they would have a module or a full keys version.

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